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Skomlin - a settlement, a commune seat in Wieluń county and in Łódź voivodeship. Skomlin borders  Opole voivodeship over Prosna river. The village lies on the crossroads of Byczyna -  Wieluń and Praszka – Wieruszów roads.

The village population is 1600 and the whole commune is 3600 people. The first mention about the old nobility village comes from 1210. Its first owners were: knight  Zbranimir,  Cistercian  convent,   the  Szoff  from Silesia,  the Zawadzki,  the  Wollic,  the  Bartochowski,  the Bąkowski.  In 14th century  Skomlin became a parish.  In 1520 the first school appeared in the village. In 1746 a new larch church was built in the place of a burnt one, the new church is still used. From 1795 to 1807 Skomlin was in Prussia and from 1815 to 1914 in Russia annexation. In 1905 in the Bąkowski estate the first fire brigade was formed. In 1916 the brass band which still exists was established. People’s occupation was mainly agriculture and trade with Germans across Prosna river.In the period between the two World Wars there were four markets, two mills, smithies and the butchers.

During the Second World War 53 inhabitants were killed, several farms were burnt, half of the people were banished from the country to Germany        to forced labour. Andrzej Poranek, a Skomlin inhabitant, risking his own life was hiding a Jew of Skomlin origin.

19 January 1945 Russian Army liberated Poland. All shops were nationalized, farming-co-operatives and the first clothes workplace ‘’Terpol’’ were formed. However, agricultural produce still dominated. In 1973 were built: a new school   with   a gym,  a  commune  office   building,  militia station, health centre  and a kindergarten.

Primary School from bird's eye view Kindergarten

After 1989 in Skomlin appeared many private shops and a manufacturing company producing metal constructions ‘’Semet’’. In 1999 a lower secondary school Gymnasium was formed.


-   the larch baroque church from 1746, which is renovated.


- three-tiered granary from 1777 (still used).

There are about one hundred houses dated from 1900 which are still dwelled. In the south and north there are forest complexes with animals and birds. Since   1993   there  is  "Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Ziemi Skomlińskiej" (SMZS),  a special association of about fifty people who make an effort to help Skomlin inhabitants. The chairman of this association is prof. Jan Małolepszy. In 2005 local fire brigade celebrated its centenary. The fire brigades are also in the nearest villages:  in  Wichernik  (since 1913), Wróblew (since 1926),  Toplin (since 1964) and Klasak Duży (since 1965). In 1996-2000 telephones in the whole commune were installed. At present, after building the sewage treatment plant, the sewage  system  is  still  being built. Gymnasium teachers prepared the cycle lane in the commune area. In 2010 Skomlin will be celebrating 800 years.

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Translation: Aleksandra Furman




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